Serbia: Electricity prices for SMEs to rise by up to 18 % in 2018

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According to Serbian newspapers, state-owned power utility EPS has sent a letter to its customers in the category of small and medium enterprises (SME) which consume up to 350 GWh of electricity per year, informing them that the price of electricity will be increase as of 1 January 2018.

In the letter EPS explained that the increase is in line with the policy of defining price of electricity and the situation in the market. The new price of electricity in a higher tariff for two-tariff meters will increase to 55.84 euros/MWh, while the price in lower tariff will be 35.41 euros/MWh. New price for consumers with one-tariff meters will be 50.26 euros/MWh. All prices are without VAT.

Current price of electricity in a higher tariff for consumers with two-tariff meters is 47.35 euros/ MWh and since most small and medium enterprises consume most of their electricity during the day (higher tariff), electricity price will be by 18 % higher for them as of 1 January. If they consume most of electricity during night time, then the increase will be lower and amounts to 7.2 %.

Electricity market for commercial consumers in Serbia has been liberalized since 1 January 2015, which means that companies can choose their own electricity supplier. However, state-owned EPS still supplies electricity to about 90 % of business consumers in Serbia.