Serbia: Electricity production under heat wave, Thermal Power plants threw over their plans, report 1/2/3Q 2013

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For 14 days in August coal power plants produced 36.7 percent more than in the same period last year. – Hydropower plants under the plan, and the total production is greater than it was planned by 11.2 percent.

In the days during the first half of August , when the outside temperature in the shade reached 40Celzius degrees, available EPS capacities in thermal sector  worked at full power and enabled to provide enough electricity for increased consumption of end users in Serbia, and to sell surpluses on the open market . At the same time, also in the mines and power plants were carried out repairs in accordance with the plans, and it was responded to the heat with reinforced demands for the consistent implementation of security measures and safety, adaptable to harsh weather conditions. When the shade 40, the pits usually no point at which the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. Better was not in power plants, around boilers and turbines in operation. And just under such conditions the miners and EPS employees succeeded, as was stated at the EPS Directorate for the energy production on 15th  August (chaired by Zoran Bozovic, Director), to produce about three percent more coal than planned during 14 days of the hottest month of the year, or 18 percent more electricity than expected.

Talking about a significant increase in the electricity production, Jelena Cvetkovic, head of the Sector for planning, analysis and improvement of energy production in the EPS Directorate , said that a picture of excellent results could be better seen if it would be compared with last year’s achievements in the same days . She said that in the 14 days of August this year TPP on coal produced 36.7 percent or 300 million kilowatt – hours more than in the same period last year. Total electricity consumption was higher than planned by 11.2 percent, or 135 million kWh, and the achievements in 14 days 2012th near 21 percent. In addition, the daily production was three times bigger than 100 million kWh, while in the first half of August this year, daily consumption of customers with complete supply did not exceed 87 million kWh.

On the overall result in the electricity production, no matter how great TPPs worked, has negatively affected the August drought, namely significantly reduced flows on the Danube and Drina confluence, which prevented the flow HPPs to continue this year’s trend of great production and caused that those for 14 days this month provided to the system 12.5 percent less electricity than planned.

On the open pit mines in both mining basins the overburden production was four percent higher than planned, but the planned coal production was exceeded in “Kolubara” by three percent, and in “Kostolac” was decreased by 10 percent, which was in line with the plants’ needs.

If it would be judged towards detailed narration of representatives from companies in the coal and electricity production in this meeting , it could be concluded that under the hot August sun the overhauls in  hydropower plants were at activity maximum, but everything was done with the planned pace. In the HPP “Djerdap1″ were performed tests on the revitalized fourth unit, in order to join it to the network in the last week of August, and in the HPP ” Bajina Basta ” the trial period of also revitalized fourth unit is underway. Others were regular repair and maintenance activities, although some more complex than others due to the previously delayed intervention. Drina was on the biological minimum.

In the TENT, besides usual equipment failure due to defects, there also were problems due to the high temperature of Sava river. The problems with public procurement still remain a significant obstacle in the overhaul implementation in all economy companies. In this regard it has been suggested to the departmental ministry, among other things, to expedite the revision approval of the Rebalance plan for this year, which was adopted by the EPS Board of Directors. From that, as it was said, depends whether in this year procurements which will be carried out in 2014t h will begin in time.

On the meeting also was discussed on the measurement and evaluation of system and other services, which must be defined by monetary terms, in line with market operations. It was said that this had to do with services of the secondary regulation for the electro energetic system (EES) needs, but also on the requirements out of the EES, when production was decreased because of rafting, swimming, bridges and roads rehabilitation.

Source; Serbia Energy/ EPS Kwh

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