Serbia: Electricity traders not interested in retail market share

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None of registered electricity traders besides EPS Supply will not be seriously involved in the electricity retail to citizens from January 1st.There is a possibility that only the Slovenian GEN I, which already sells electricity to the part of the Serbian economy, will try to work with households in the test period. But not to all of them, but only to those who have higher consumption, or use a lot higher, the so-called red tariff.

– In the case when the electricity price is lower than the market one, there is hardly space for development of competition and the real opening of the electricity market to citizens. Other suppliers will wait to see what a long-term plan of the state is – say almost all electricity retailers.

Large suppliers for now will not have any offer relating to the citizens with electricity. In the Energy Agency are not surprised by this information.

– 84 suppliers currently have the license for electricity trade in the Serbian market, only three of them supply the end customers. Due to the low price of the regulated supply it is not expected either a large number of people to be interested at all in buying electricity on the market. It may happen that suppliers offer more favorable supply than the regulated one to some group of households, such to those that use electricity for heating and consume more than 2,000 kilowatts per month – says Dusan Dakovic from the Energy Agency.

EPS Director Aleksandar Obradovic said that citizens who did not change suppliers had no obligation to report its decisions EPS supply.

– Contracts that citizens have, remained in force – explains Obradovic.

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