Serbia emerging news: RB Kolubara basin stopped floods with new damn

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After more than two days of uninterruptible, superhuman efforts, the dam on the Kolubara river was built, and the inflow of water flood in mines of Mining Basin Kolubara was stopped. At the place where the Kolubara river, which is the third biggest river in Serbia, penetrated the little, local river Vraničina and changed its flow, the embankment was made of soil and large size stones, which stopped the outflow of the rivers towards the mines and the water was put back into its old flow.

In the OPM Field D the six pumps are currently working on pumping the water from the field and the workers are trying to render the ETS coal system usable. The third phase of Dry Separation of the branch “Prerada” in Vreoci is also usable now, and the preparation is being done for the transport of coal to the TPPs “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac.

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