Serbia: EMS to start issuing guarantees of origin

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Speaking at the regional energy conference in Belgrade, Director of Electricity Market Division at Serbian electricity transmission system operator EMS, Marko Jankovic said that the operator will start issuing guarantees of origin by the end of the year.

Jankovic explained that these certificates provide evidence of the source of electricity and information whether it is produced from renewable or conventional sources. He added that it also expected that EMS will join the group of European operators which publish 100 % of key market data on the Electricity Market Fundamental Information Platform (EMFIP) by the end of 2017. This platform provides data on all power outages, the schedule of planned interruptions and the explanation for these interruptions. EMS also plans to become a member of the AIB, the EU association of bodies that issue guarantees of origin.

The reason for these moves is the implementation of the remaining obligations stipulated by the Energy Law and the Energy Community Treaty, harmonization of the Serbian legislation with the EU network rules and implementation of the best European practice which will sum up the market model in Serbia and ensure integration into the European market.

As part of these obligations, Serbia has yet to install smart electricity meters at the distribution level, introduce the system services market and the market mechanism for the selection of a guaranteed supplier, and develop the endcustomer market by introducing an energysupplier switching platform.