Serbia: EMS TSO Co awarded the 24.7MEUR Romania 400Kv interconnection project to best bidder

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The public enterprise “Elektromreža Srbije” stated that the media reports that this company “awarded” the job of building the power lines Pančevo – Romanian border, worth 24.7 million euro to the company “Energotehnika –Južna Bačka” are false.

According to EMS the job of building the power lines was not awarded to the company  “Energotehnika –Južna Bačka”, but to a consortium of companies led by “Energoprojekt oprema”.

“We did not “give” the job to anyone but there was an open call for bidding for the job of the construction of the power lines and the best out of three bidders was chosen” says in the statement from EMS. The independent organization “Transparency Serbia” had insight into every phase of the procedure as well as their own supervisor, who was completely informed about every phase of the process and had no objection, they added.

EMS conducted the bidding in a restrictive procedure in two phases. First phase consisted of application and forming the list of candidates through a public call for bidding, both in English and in Serbian. In that phase three bidders applied and qualified  – which is almost an entire national capacity that can carry a project of this scale. Two consortiums and one independent bidder applied. In the second phase all previously qualified bidders gave their offers, and the best bidder was chosen, with whom they signed the contract.

“We would like to mention that the total value of the contract with the consortium led by “Energoprojekt oprema” is 24.7 million euro and “Energotehnika –Južna Bačka” is listed to do a part of the job between 1 and 9 percent of the complete job”, they say from EMS.

The whole bidding procedure lasted for five months, the first phase was announced on June 4, and the contract was signed on November 3, 2015.

The selection procedure was published on the portal of the Public Procurement Office, web site of EMS and the portal of official journals, while the entire process was followed by the representatives of “Transparency Serbia” which had no objections, transmits