Serbia: Energy Agency to control market participants, penalties for poor electricity and gas

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The Energy Agency has adopted rules on the monitoring of technical and commercial parameters and quality regulation of electricity and gas supply. This will enable the establishment of quality standards for the delivery of these fuels and penalties for those who do not meet the stipulated quality standards.

These rules, adopted in accordance with the Energy Law on 31. December, provide a framework for collecting data on delivery and supply quality in a systematic and uniform manner in the electricity sector , where experience in collecting this type of data already exists , and in the natural gas sector , where it will be applied for the first time.

Data collection will be conducted on an annual basis, for a specific data in intervals of less than one year, to allow monitoring of the quality of electricity and natural gas delivery and supply during the year, according to the Energy Agency.

Based on the collected data, the Agency will produce an annual report at the end of the year, which will be comparable both to the age of one energy operator, and also for the energy companies that perform the same energy activity.

The agency will report and analyze the submitted data published on its website.

These data will allow the Agency to subsequently define the required level of quality, to establish quality standards and delivery of supplies and to determine the amount of possible penalty and compensation benefits, where quality standards are not met.

Source; Serbia Energy