Serbia Energy Balance 2012, A third of the energy comes from imports

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According to the country’s energy balance for 2012th, this year Serbia will provide 66 percent of primary energy needs from domestic production, and 34 percent from abroad, mainly due to imports of oil and gas.

According to Energy balance, published in the official gazette, thus increasing Serbia dependence on imported primary energy consumption by 7 percent compared with the estimated import dependency in 2011th year.

Energy balance for 2012th planned total primary energy consumption of 16.25 mega tons of oil equivalent, of which the imports needed 5.57 mega tons of oil equivalent.

The largest share of net imports of 48 percent have crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas makes 37 percent of imports, and high calorie coal, coke and coal account for about 14 percent.

The increase in final energy consumption in 2012th planned in the industry and to 7 percent more than in 2011th year, and in the traffic to 1 percent, while consumption in other sectors should remain at the level of last year.

In the structure of final energy liquid fuels account for 29 percent, electricity with 26 percent, solid fuel with 12 percent, 13 percent of gaseous fuel, thermal energy with 9 percent, and geothermal energy and firewood along with 11 percent.

According to energy balance, current planned production of 37,863 GW/h in domestic power plants will be sufficient for all purposes, but it is 2 percent lower than in 2011th year.

Planned imports of electricity in 2012th will amount to 6410 GW/h and exports 6.363 GW/h

Serbia will provide 54 percent of crude oil from imports, but it is planed increasing of domestic production by 11 percent to 1.14 million tons. Production of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products is planned at 2.28 million tons, while imports will reach 1.64 million tons of petroleum products.

The required quantity of coal to ensure regular supply of customers is 90 percent of domestic production and 10 percent of imports. Domestic coal production is planned at about 38.7 million tons.

According to the Energy balance for 2012th year 80 percent of gas or 2.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas for the Serbian market will be provided by imports. It is alleged that the imports of gas will be 21 percent than in 2011th year.

Final consumption of heat in 2012th is planned at 36,492 TJ, and in the structure of fuel consumption for production of heat energy 51 percent makes gas, liquid fuels make up 25 percent and a solid 24 percent.

Domestic production of primary energy in 2012th is planned at 10.96 mega tons of oil equivalent.

As stated, renewable energy sources make up 18 percent in the planned structure of the domestic production of primary energy in 2012th year or firewood with nine percent, hydro with eight percent and geothermal energy with less than one percent.

Primary energy consumption per capita in Serbia last year was estimated at 2224.5kilograms of oil equivalent per capita, and in 2012th