Serbia: Energy balance established – Primary energy production planned for 2020 is 10,112 mtoe

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The Government of Serbia has decided to determine the Energy Balance of the Republic of Serbia for 2020.

The Energy Balance is a document that determines the annual amounts of energy and energy required for a reliable and high-quality supply of energy to 2020 customers and final customers.

The document was produced on the basis of monthly and annual data on production, processing and supply of energy and energy products, in accordance with the methodology of the International Energy Agency and Eurostat.

Projected primary energy production in 2020 is 10,112 Mtoe, which is at the level of estimated production in 2019 of 10,199 Mtoe (one million tonnes of oil equivalent). Coal accounts for 67.5% of the primary energy production structure, oil for 9.2%, natural gas for 3.1%, hydro potential for 7.5%, biomass for 11.4%, while geothermal, solar, wind, biogas with 1.2%.

The planned net primary energy imports in 2020 is 5,658 Mtoe, which is 13% more than the estimated 2019 net imports, which is 5,003 Mtoe.

Total available energy in 2020 is 15,907 Mtoe, which is 3% more than the total estimated supply of energy in 2019, which is 15,497 Mtoe. The required amount of primary energy will be provided by 64.4% from domestic production and 35.6% from net imports, eKapija reports.