Serbia Energy company EPS: Nighttime electricity price does not need to increase

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“Elektroprivreda Srbije” has electricity overage only during nights so company offers it at lower prices in order to protect system from daytime temptations.

The cheaper nighttime electricity used by households to fill TA stoves because kilowatt-hour is four times cheaper then, does not need to be changed. With reference to technical possibilities of “Elektroprivreda Srbije” that delivers electricity to citizens, at least.

EPS is technically ready to continue with delivering of four times’ cheaper electricity during nights in the following period, because there are some overages that are the reason for introducing the nighttime tariff, it was said in EPS and it was added that this is sensitive, technical and economical question.

Electricity price should increase because it is the lowest in the Europe. On the other side, if social cards are being made to protect socially endangered persons so is it right to cut off all these discounts for those to whom this is the only way to warm up.

It is possible that many people will concentrate on daytime consumption if nighttime tariff price increases, because there won’t be some big difference in the price, it is said in EPS. Nighttime tariff would be more expensive and closer to daytime tariff. Citizens would insure comfort to themselves because they don’t need to wait midnight to start heating i.e. fill TA stoves.

Daytime production will increase in this way, but that was not the point because of overages during nighttime and EPS still have these overages that must be spent, and so big accumulators for electricity storage don’t exist nowadays.

On the other side, this company explains that if current difference decreases from 3 to 1, that would bring more money to EPS, and it is assumed that everyone who used nighttime electricity for heating can begin to use coal, wood or gas.

Consumption with 3:1 difference should most probably stay on current level and EPS would spend nighttime overages, electricity would increase but it wouldn’t be such a hard hit to household budget.

Asked what would happen with electricity overages if difference between cheap and expensive electricity is 2:1, EPS said that electricity cannot be deposited so they can talk only about overage placement. When they were asked if this proposal may came from Ministry of Energy to help EPS who got in 41 billion dinar debt, EPS said that the last word for relation of lower and higher tariff will be from Energy Agency.

People informed about energy conditions say that drastic nighttime electricity price increase would bring more damage than usefulness so the huge number of citizens, especially those who use electricity for heating, will be severely damaged. Therefore it is the most important to determine in which amount difference between daytime and nighttime tariff should be changed.

Boban Petrovic, Secretary of Energy in PKS says that difference decrease of 3:1 or 2:1 can help EPS that has huge losses because of unrealistically low electricity price.

-Nighttime tariff has never been social category. It was only treated that way. The aim was to stimulate consumers to use electricity when there is more of it, i.e. during night, so daytime consumption can reset- Petrovic said.

Electricity heating of 60 m2 with filling TA stove during night costs around 42.000 dinars in total at the moment, and if that price refills during day it will be about 60.400 while heating of heating bodies and boilers costs 124.800 dinars.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine