Serbia: Energy company EPS,Rehabilitation of old and construction of new capacities from the renewable energy sources

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EPS priorities are the rehabilitation of the big hydro power plants (Đerdap, Vlasinske hidroelektrane, Bistirca, Zvornik), then the rehabilitation of 15 small hydro power plants, as well as the construction of the new capacities – big and small hydro power plants, wind parks and solar power plants.

The significant project of EPS is “Ibarske hidroelektrane”, installed capacity 119 megawatt, which is going to be realized in the cooperation with the Italian company Secci. The realization of this project is planned in the period between 2015 and 2020. In EPS, there is ongoing work for one more project , i.e. the construction of 5 small hydro power plants, of total capacity 7.5 megawatts, and investment value of 18 million euros.

For the wind park in Kostolac, the development of the project and the feasibility study is in progress, to be completed until May 2015.  The installed capacity of the wind park is 50 megawatt, and investment value is 70 million euros. The construction of solar power plant is also planned in Kostolac, of capacity 5 megawatts. The investment value, within the financial package of KfW amounts to 6 million euros.

Serbia called for bids last week, for the reconstruction of 8 small hydro power plants, which are in the ownership of Serbia, and in the next period the call for bids is going to be announced for the reconstruction of 15 more small HPPs. The total capacity of the above mentioned HPPs is 17.4 megawatt, and their average yearly electricity production is 76.5 GWh. For this purpose, EPS has got the loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.