Serbia-Energy.Eu SEE region weekly news digest 14/2014

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Croatia exclusive report: Wind energy market insight analysis, The quota for acceptance of wind power plants increases

Croatia TSO co HOPS has commissioned a study on the possibility of increasing the quota for the acceptance of wind power plants, which is indicatively set for years at 400 MW. In the meantime,

Bosnia: Prolonged pre-qualification public call for the construction of TPP “Banovici” by 24th April

Brown Coal Mine “Banovici” has extended a pre-qualification public call for selection of strategic partners for the financing and construction of the thermal power station “Banovici” of 300 MW.

Republika Srpska: Electricity cheapest in the region, comparison with regional trends

Director for Economic and Financial Affairs in the “PowerUtility Company of Republika Srpska” Blagoje Supic said that the electricity in Republika Srpska is the cheapest in the region and that in

Montenegro: Power state utility company shareholders ownership changes, A2A vs Gov

Model of the plan of conversion of claims in the shares, as defined by the Law on the budget,  it was proposed according the idea of strategic partners in EPCG, A2A. After completing of the

Republika Srpska: A regular annual overhaul in TPP “Ugljevik” starts, project value 2.9MEUR

The power plant “Ugljevik” has begun regular annual overhaul, which will last 40 days. TPP “Ugljevik” announced that cooling process, cleaning and removal of some plants and setting of the

Macedonia: Macedonian HPP Spilje increases power gen output

For the purpose of the power system of Macedonia, in the first quarter of this year, HPP Spilja near Debra has delivered approximately 25 million kWh of electricity.

Croatia: Energy regulator HROTE received 2.299 applications for the electricity purchase

Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE) has received 2.299 applications for the contracts conclusion for the electricity purchase from 1st January which is related to the total power of

Montenegro: Tender for oil exploration in Montenegro’s seabed will be completed in May

In the waters of Montenegro, near the archaeological treasure and the ancient ship wrecks, which are visited mostly by unknown “researchers “, smells – oil. And who will find black gold and exploit

Bosnia: Gov approves loan of 30 million euros for HPP “Janjići” from KfW bank

BiH Council of Ministers determined Proposal of Loan Agreement and project between KfW, Frankfurt am Main, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina is represented by the

Macedonia: EVN Austria beats all power traders, “EVN SUPPLY” has signed agreement for the supply with over 120 qualified companies

The Austrian group EVN owns the electricity distribution network in Macedonia (FYROM). “EVN Supply” has signed a supply agreement with over 120 qualified companies for the first time in the

SEE: Siemens will provide equipment for South Stream

German Siemens will deliver and equip the sea part of the South Stream gas pipeline and electrical equipment control, metrology equipment as well for the dispatch center, according to the

Croatia: Competition exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic starts

The Ministry of Economy has opened the first public tender for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Adriatic; the contest is open until 3rd  November, and the first contracts with

Montenegro: Coal Mine Pljevlja marks net profit of 1.2MEUR

The Coal Mine Pljevlja finished last year with a net profit of 1.2 million euros, while in 2012 recorded a loss of 1.22 million euros. The state owns 31.11 percent stake in the Coal Mine, Italian

Bulgaria: Does Bulgaria need TPP Varna which belongs to CEZ?

Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) considers that it is undisputed meaning of the TPP Varna for the safety and safe managing of the electricity system of the country, especially in the northeastern

Romania: CEZ sells Romanian wind farm

The power plant of 600 MW lost green certificates for half of the production, which is reason for sale.

Montenegro: Gov approves land acqusition for windpark Krnovo

Government authorized the Minister of Economy Mr.Vladimir Kavarić to sign an Annex of expropriation of the of land lease agreement and the construction of the wind farm on the locality

Macedonia: EVN vs Energy Delivery Group – The liberalization of the electricity market

In Macedonia some of companies will soon pay electricity less, while others are in fear of higher bills. On the first of April in Macedonia begins the second phase of liberalization of the electricity

Republika Srpska: TPP “GACKO” exceeded the production plan in march 2014

In March TPP “Gacko” produced 158.8 GWh of electricity, which is 3.1% more than planned, confirmed Executive Director for the production of electricity and the development of the company

Romania: Electricity power gen from RES to

Romania’s electrical energy production from renewable sources may climb this year to 9-10 TWh compared to last year’s 6.3 TWh according to the Energy regulator ANRE.

Bosnia: 127MEUR new HPP Vranduk project tender attracts 39 competitors

The international public invitation for pre-qualification of companies and consortia for the construction of HPP Vranduk is currently performing. Since there is a great interest for it

Bulgaria: Decrease of electricity consumption by 9,4%

Production of solid fuel in January 2014th compared to December of 2013th has been reduced for 4, 6 % and amounted 3.664 tons, natural gas – for 8, 3 % and amounted 22 million cubic

Montenegro: TERNA Italy seeks Croatian approval for determination of underwater power cable route

The Government expects that the Italian partners adhere to the terms; from them have assurance that they will keep contracting guidelines regarding construction of the electric power cable

Montenegro: The second block of TPP in Pljevlja is risking violation of environmental regulations

A series of at least five new power plants planned in the Western Balkan countries is aspiring to join the European Union (EU) risk violating the law on pollution of Energy Community (EC)

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