Serbia-Energy.Eu SEE region weekly news digest 17/2014

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Montenegro: Gov do not give to the Italians the majority ownership in power company EPCG

Representatives of the Montenegro Government and A2A discussed in Milan about the future relations between within the power company EPCG considering the fact that the initial Contract is scheduled to expire

Croatia: The environment permit for new TPP-TP Osijek

HEP production obtained the first environmental permit (decision on integrated environmental protection conditions) for any of its existing thermal power plants, and for the Drive of TPP Osijek. The decision on integrated

Montenegro: TPP Pljevlja could lose market share in upcoming electricity market liberalization

Study: TPP and Mine could lose market share. The old thermal power and coal mine in front of many challenges. The existing premise of power plant in Pljevlja and the Coal Mine will be exposed to international competition

Albania: Chain of debts settled between state and CEZ?

Power system in the country has begun the process of settlement of mutual obligations , being erased from the compensation owed ​​about 4.5 billion.

Bulgaria: NEK National Electricity company marks increase of dept crisis reaching 1.6BEUR

Bulgaria National Electricity Company NEK marks serious increase of dept. As of December 2013, its debt reached 1.6 B EUR according to the official data provided by the company.

Macedonia: NGOs and civil networks against HPPs in Mavrovo

Environmental organizations managed to get 16,000 signatures against the construction of hydropower ” Boškov Bridge ” and ” Lukovo Pole” National Park ” Mavrovo ” .

Croatia: Oil company Ina lost 25 MEUR on the gas sale

In the fourth, final competition round for the sale of 193 million cubic meters of gas placed in underground storage Okoli, HEP and Plinacro contacted the Underground gas storage, interested in a total of 109 million cubic meters.