Serbia-Energy.Eu SEE region weekly news digest 5/2014

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Republika Srpska: Announced the tender offer for the electrostatic precipitators reconstruction of unit 7 in TPP “Kakanj” – Work value of 7,5 MEUR

“BiH Power Utility Company” has announced a tender offer for the electrostatic precipitators reconstruction of unit 7-230 MW in TPP Kakanj. It is an investment of 7, 5 MEUR.

Croatia: Public call to the investors for the construction of BE-TO Sisak and BE-TO Osijek

Zagreb, 27th January of 2014th – Croatian Power Utility Company JSC (joint-stock company) has announced an international tender for construction of the biomass cogeneration plant  TO Sisak and TO Osijek.

Republika Srpska: The electricity price remains the same

The electricity price will not rise in Republika Srpska, and prices which have not been changed for five years, are significantly lower than in neighboring countries, it was said in the Power Utility Company of Republika Srpska/ ERS /.

Republika Srpska: Hydrology impact on the electricity situation

The rain, which has been falling for last ten days, had a positive impact on the electricity situation in Republika Srpska, which will provide a regular electricity supply and the fulfillment of contractual obligations; it was in ERS.

Bosnia: Greenfield energy projects, the overview and analysis

Foreign investors, on the basis of so far agreed projects in BiH should devote between 1.46 and 1.61 billion EUR from this year until 2016, of which the greater part, or at least 7.92 MEUR will be invested in projects in RS .

Hungary: CEZ has bonds that can be exchanged for shares of MOL

Czech energy company CEZ announced that it will soon offer its bonds worth 450 MEUR on the Budapest Stock Exchange with a payment period of 2017, whose shares represent a guarantee of the Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, which are in CEZ’s property.

Republika Srpska: HPP Visegrad stable production in 1Q/2014

Visegrad, director of “Hydroelectric power plants on the Drina” Mile Lakic confirmed today that Visegrad hydropower plant produced 1,215 gigawatt hours of electricity last year, which was the second year by the production since it exists, from November 1989.

Bosnia: Shell ready to invest $ 700 million in the oil exploration

FBiH Government in the next few days should announce an international tender for the selection of professional consultants to provide services in the conduct of negotiations.

Montenegro: Preferential prices for renewable energy standard practice in Europe

The introduction of preferential prices for renewable energy is generally accepted practice that derives from EU legislation and, as such, is present in the region and in Europe

Republika Srpska: 95 % of planned production for January 2014th – Rain had a positive impact on the electricity supply in RS

The rain, which was falling for last ten days, had a positive impact on the electricity situation in Republika Srpska, which will provide a regular electricity supply and the fulfillment of contractual obligations, it was confirmed in the “Power Utility Company of Republika Srpska”.

Croatia: Investments of all energy companies underperformed except of Plinacro

The first preliminary analyzes which were presented by representatives of the Government show that the ambitious announcements on investments 19 public companies have not achieved, and that there has been a shortfall of nearly 392 MEUR.

Republika Srpska: 112MEUR investment follows in the desulphurization plant, bidders expect pre qualification decision

Subsidiary mine and power plant / M & TPP / “Ugljevik” will invest in the construction of desulphurization plant in the future, whose value is 112 MEUR, which is the most important environmental investment in the the Republic of Srpska Electric Power Industry.

SEE Power market: TSO’s of Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia formed joint reserves of electricity

The system operator transmission networks of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the agreement in Ljubljana on common reserves in the control block Slovenia-Croatia-Bosnia.

Slovenia-Croatia: New unit of Nuclear Plant Krsko, JV by two energy companies?

The construction of the second unit of the nuclear power plant in Krsko is necessary to ensure political consensus in Slovenia and positive thinking of neighboring states that could be co-investors

Macedonia: New HPP damn endangers Albania major electricity power generation river source

Albania and Macedonia have not reached an agreement on concerns that the latter’s plan to build a dam on Radika River, Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati has said.

Bosnia: Private traders will make electricity cheaper in 2015

In the first phase there will be a decline in the cost of electricity to large customers, which is the obligation of the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the guidelines of the European Union.

Romania: Export of 1800MW, reserved capacity for transfer toward Turkey via Bulgaria

Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria will cooperate on electricity project under an agreement concluded which ensures the transfer of Romanian electricity thru Bulgaria toward Turkey.

Croatia: Chinese CMEC wants to build a power plant in Osijek

A Chinese company CMEC (China Machinery Engineering Corporation) is interested in construction, but also to finance the construction of thermal power plant of 500 MW in Osijek. It is an investment of approximately 500 MEUR.

Montenegro: Decision on bidders agreement for new TPP Pljevlja expected

By the end of January or beginning of February, the analysis of sustainability and economic feasibility of each of the four bids for the construction of the second block of thermal power plant Pljevlja will be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors of Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG) – it is announced from the Electric Power Industry.



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