Serbia: Energy minister claim there will be no electricity restrictions

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Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said that Serbia currently produces serious amounts of power, and that there would be no electricity restriction in the country.

Production of “Kolubara” was raised to 65,000 tons of coal per day, and in May there was not an ounce, and the latest mines that were under water also are pumping out, said Antic at the opening of the modern substation in Aleksandrovac.

“We have contracted supplies of electricity for next winter. We set them at price below for 14 percent. We have 2.3 million tons of coal at dumps, and it is a serious support for the winter ahead of us”, he said.

The Minister said that the Government of Serbia had different scenarios on how to provide the necessary amount of energy, and that the electricity restrictions were not mentioned in neither of these scenarios.

“The Government of Serbia, Ministry of Energy and EPS do not plan the electricity restrictions. We have option to provide a sufficient amount of energy in all scenarios, and now we are trying to balance the all to be as cheap as possible”, explained Antic.