Serbia: Energy minister closes door for nuclear technology projects

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Minister of Energy, Development and the Environment Zorana Mihajlovic said last night that the construction of nuclear power plants in Serbia excluded.

“It is normal that a nuclear power plant is excluded, not only for the environment but the construction is extremely expensive,” said Mihajlovic, participating in Jagodina television “Palma Plus”.

According to her, in addition to costly construction, Serbia does not have the qualified personnel to do so, and she added, the question of what to do with radioactive waste would be raised.

“I do not think it would be good to build a nuclear power plant in this area,” said Mihajlovic.

“We had an offer to participate in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria. I find that a waste of money, because the money which we would spend to build a nuclear power plant could build two hydroelectric power plants here, therefore let’s use what is healthy and what is better, and  leave a little bit a nuclear power plant aside”, said the Minister of Energy.

The capacitiesof energy which we plan are sufficient for  Serbia and for export too, said Mihajlovic.

She pointed out that the priorities of the Ministry of Energy are Power Plant “Stavalj” 600 megawatts, which will use the best quality coal without harmful missions, such as in lignite, and reversible hydro power plant Bistrica, also 600 MW.

“It’s something I expect, preliminary contracts until the end of the year. We also have the power plant Novi Sad, for which tenders are complete. That are the capacities in Serbia which should be built”, said Mihajlovic.

These capacities will directly and indirectly employ thousands of people, she noted, adding that only for building the thermo power plant, 5,000 to 7,000 people will be involved.

Mihajlovic said that EPS and Srbijagas will not be sold, “because both can be the engine of the development of Serbia”, as well as that there was also no concrete discussions yet on the sale of Telekom.

Source; Serbia Energy

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