Serbia: Energy ministry claims that Securum Onegiga project contract suspicious from beginning

8. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

According to current situation, there will be nothing from the construction of the biggest solar park in Serbia. Authorities claim that they were suspicious from the beginning.

Claims that Serbia will pay compensation to the foreign partner occurred in the meantime because of which the previously announced investment for the biggest solar park in Europe in the south of Serbia has been cancelled, most probably.

Deputy Minister of Energy, Development and Environment, Dejan Trifunovic, says that these statements are incorrect.

Magazine “Kurir” reported recently that contract for this business was concluded under disadvantageous conditions for Serbia and that Company “Securum Equity Partners International” demands compensation of 900 thousand EUR, on the base of finished deadlines that are marked in cooperation document.

However, Trifunovic said that contract for this job that Serbian government signed with mentioned company, has no rules that would obligate our side to pay any penalties or compensations.

State accomplished its obligations toward “Securum Equity” and offered 10 times bigger surface than this company asked i.e. 3000 ha, within Administration for Land of Ministry of Agriculture.

“They (Securum Equity Partners) haven’t arranged with any investment and the state can demand execution of this contract obligation”, Trifunovic said and repeated that there is no argument for our country to pay compensation because mentioned company has not done anything yet in order to begin construction of giant solar park.

Representatives of “Securum Equity Partners” are, according to Trifunovic’s words, chose 200 ha big surface of 30 thousand offered ha and said that that is the only thing they agree with.

“Our side suggested than to construct 100 MW strong solar panels what would also be significant energy capacity for Serbia, but nothing happened”, Officer from the Ministry of Energy added.

“The company which didn’t accomplish its contract agreements was given a chance”, Trifunovic said and stressed that “there will be no affair, because even though there were some indications that our partner had tried to realize similar arrangements with some states but there was no success”.

Trifunovic stresses that Ministry of Energy was suspicious to realization of this project especially when they saw real possibilities of investors with remark that such big business has not been realized in the world yet.


Source; Serbia Energy/Ministry of Energy

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