Serbia energy regulator coordinates power market framework, TSO and DSO levels to synchronize works

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New tariff system was the one of important subjects from yesterday’s meeting that was organized by EPS Direction for Electricity Distribution. Suggestions were given by technical directors of all industrial societies for distribution with cooperators, as well as representatives of “Elektromreza Srbije-EMS”and Energy Agency. Host of the meeting was Milan Vuckovic, Director of “Elektrodistribucija” Management.

Most attention was drawn by finalization of Agreement for appliance of methodology for system approach prices determination. Many suggestions for improvement of this document were presented and Chairman Bojan Ivanovic, Advisor for technical questions of EPS Management Director about electricity distribution, has succeeded to harmonize all complains. All confusions are cleared and the proposal of agreement acceptable for EPS and EMS representatives was accomplished in accordance with all solutions that experts from Energy Agency fight for. Basic estimation is that prices will be determined according to more profitable conditions for distributers than before.

The company will have the right to ask for approved strength decrease in TS 110/X from EMS from the next year, what makes the space for financial savings and economy. This represents complete innovation because only strength increase has been possible so far.

-Strength approval is not only financial it is also a technical question. Therefore, it is very important that we must take care of buyers to be supplied with electricity well and without any problems- Ivanovic said and AERS representatives have also this attitude.
Connection request procession price is suggested to be unified for all companies. Prices differ at the moment and they amount from several thousand dinars in one company to 120.000 dinars in another.

Uniformity of this question is arranged and unique price list should be made.

Source Serbia Energy/EPS