Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 1/2014

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Serbia:Dev strategy for Oil company JV with GazpromNeft confirmed with government, claims Minister Mihajlovic

The Serbian Government’s document on the strategy and development plans of the NIS is aligned with that company major owners (GazpromNeft) and the government should adopt it confirmed Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic.

Serbia:EU warns on South Stream deal, Serbia must accept the rules of EU

European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger warned that Serbia will have to bring agreement on South Stream in line with European regulations.

Serbia:Power utility company EPS a joint stock public company until March of 2014

Under the new business statute of Serbia power utility company EPS general acts adopted by the director must be approved by the Supervisory Board.

Serbia exclusive:Gov talks with investors from Canada, China and Japan for new TPP TENT B3 and HPPs, PPP Model as option

Construction of at least two energy facilities will begin in Serbia in 2014, which will with the work on South Stream and negotiations on investment, revive energy sector.

Serbia:Exclusive power market report 2014, DSO prices and market shares

Serbia Energy Business Intelligence desk presents latest power market report on electricity market start up for middle level voltage industrial consumers.

Serbia:Energy minister Mihajlovic confirms the warning letter from EU on South Strem deal

Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic confirmed that only few days ago  she saw the letter of the European Energy Community, sent in 2010 to the then Energy Minister Petar Skundric, which warns of possible problems in the signing of an agreement on the South Stream pipeline.

Serbia:Power utility company EPS marks record production and export of electricity in 2013

Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) improved its financial results for about 200 MEUR compared to planned loss in 2013, and achieved record production and export of electricity, said the Acting Director of EPS Aleksandar Obradovic.

Serbia:DSO company ElektroVojvodina marks net profit in 2013

Elektrovojvodina ends 2013 with a plus of 750k Eur. At the same time the losses due to unauthorized use of electricity decreased during the year for 175 million dinars.

Serbia:The system is ready for the new liberalization phase of the electricity market

The liberalization of the electricity market in the medium voltage grid is accessed as required by law, organizationally and technically everything is ready, said the Deputy Minister of Energy Dejan Trifunovic.

Serbia:2013 the best in the history of EPS power utility company claims CEO Obradovic

Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) will end the year with one of the best production and financial results in the company’s history, Obradovic said.

Serbia:EPS Supply gets 2 large electricity consumers customers before power market liberalization starts

Korean car manufacturers companies Jura and Shin Won representatives signed contract with Serbian power supplier the EPS Supply company by witch it was predicted to buy electricity from domestic supplier in the next year.