Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 13/2014

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Serbia: Inefficient organization in EPS costs 36 million euros daily, says Aleksandar Obradovic CEO

The current method of organization in the system of  ”Electric Power  Industry of Serbia”, which consists of JP EPS and 13 companies, is inefficient and irrational.

Serbia: Power utility EPS needs restructuring says CEO Aleksandar Obradovic, management turnaround cycle ahead?

The first man of the Power Utility Company complains that there are the 14 financial, IT and PR directors. Aleksandar Obradovic, acting director general of Serbia Power Utility Company

Serbia: South Stream delays, implications of Crimea and Ukraine gas routes

The crisis in Ukraine indicates more the necessity of building the pipeline, which will supply the southern part of Europe. Is the Russian-Ukrainian dispute over Crimea could really jeopardize