Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 14/2014

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Serbia exclusive: The construction of gas power plants in Serbia by Gazprom, the report

“The Petroleum Industry of Serbia” and “Gazprom Energoholding” signed memorandum on the construction of steam-gas thermal power plant in Pancevo last year in September. It has been

Serbia, interview: The construction of wind farms will enhance the energy position of Serbia, Mark Krendal from Continental Wind Partners

It’s good to see the efforts that all countries of the Balkans are united into a single electricity market. Since it is always easier to attract investors to a larger market rather than several smaller

Serbia: What does the electricity market liberalization mean for state power utility company EPS?

Is the level of awareness and responsibility about the coming changes high enough on the medium lines in EPS and who will be “guilty” for turbulent times? The process of the electricity market

Serbia: EPS becomes a joint stock company, Energy Ministry plan for energy companies development 2016

EPS will be a joint stock company at full capacity by the end of this year, in which the principles of corporatization shall be applied, say in the Ministry of Energy. Assistant Minister of Energy, Dejan

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