Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 16/2014

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Serbia exclusive: New Serbian PM announces new politics course toward GazpromNeft?

What the statement of Aleksandar Vučić about the distribution of profit with the majority parter of NIS means in terms of the economics and politics. In his speech delivered before the reporters

Serbia: New management policy in energy public companies says Energy Minister

Minister of Energy and Vice President of SNS Zorana Mihajlovic said that Serbia would no longer tolerate unqualified managers and directors inclined to corruption.

Serbia: TPP Kostolac A2 unit overhaul and modernization, extension of work after 2025

The Draft strategy for the development of electric power in Serbia until 2025, with projections to 203o, foresees that thermal energy capacities of power below 300 MW will be stopped.

Serbia: Power utility company EPS for the unique equipment procurement for all subsidiaries

Each subsidiary company within the Serbia Power Utility Company (EPS) now carries out procurement independently. A single management will be introduced only after EPS

Serbia: No delays for South Stream claims Gazprom official

Novy Urengoy, “Gazprom” continues to build international gas pipeline the “South Stream”, which passes through Serbia, and the project is going to be completed, say company leaders from

Serbia: First phase of revitalization on the Unit B1 in TPP “Nikola Tesla B”, With reconstruction of unit B1 to record production

The results of comparative operation analysis of revitalized unit B1 show a large improvement compared to the results of unit B2, where the reconstruction was performed.

Serbia: Treatment of wind power plants in the simulation model

The electricity production part of Serbia power system is based on the use of its own primary energy sources, primarily coal and hydropower potential. Due to the negative impact of existing

Serbia: Determining electricity prices, Price that provides short-term and long-term security of supply

The tariff system significantly affects the extent and manner of electricity use, and is based on the payment of delivered energy in proportion to the system expenses. This means that depending on

Serbia: The environment impact of the Energy Strategy, new TPPs and HPPs, the report

Strategy implementation produced a number of strategically significant and negative implications of the environment, which is an inevitable consequence of the energy sector development in Serbia

Serbia: Overhaul and repairs on TPPs and HPPs in EPS, interview with Director of Maintenance Sector at the EPS Department for the energy generation

Because of the waiting for the Business plan, all repairs, except those which are financed by loans, are late for a month period. – After a long time, in this season of repairs, EPS has entered without

Serbia: The construction of wind power plants, from idea to kWh

With the development of society, the demand for electricity increases; for that reason, also increases the need for production. On the other hand, there are more stringent requirements

Serbia: Reconstructing Power utility company EPS, Network organization as alternative

Previous structural and organizational changes brought effects in terms of business rationalization, but they produced new costs and problems in performing certain tasks. The restructuring process

Serbia: TENT engineers increased the power of B1 unit, the project report

The technical teat of the engineers from the company TENT will remain recorded even in the pages of the prestigious international scientific journal ’’Energy“. – New solution for increasing the

Serbia: Experts opinion on market transformation of EPS, Towards a new market logic

Current situation with the liberalization of the electricity market is controversial. On the one hand, the Government dictates relatively low regulated electricity price, and on the other promotes the values of free supply.

Serbia: Energy security vs Risks of energy dependence – “gas loop”

“South Stream is just another (gas)”silk cord “around the neck of an economy already squalid. Although participation in the project is only reasonable choice, it must not remain only strategic

Serbia: New TPP Kostolac unit financed by China loan, Maintenance impact on a quick return of investment funds

After the capital construction of the energy facility, in the period of exploitation, it is expected, in line with previously prepared feasibility study, to return the invested funds. As the experts team

Serbia: Electricity market liberalization brings price increase, traders at stand by awaiting the full market effects

The electricity market will most likely be open for households and small consumers from July 1, 2014, but an open market will also result in higher electricity prices. Due to the fact that Serbia

Serbia: Failed gas market unbundling raises another warning from Energy Community

Energy Community repeated its critics and violation notice warning to Ministry of Energy on the subject of failed unbundling in natural gas market. EC is frustrated with Serbia Ministry of Energy

Serbia: Secretariat transmits its case against Serbia for failure to comply with gas unbundling rules to the Ministerial Council

Today the Secretariat submitted a Reasoned Request to the Energy Community Ministerial Council seeking its decision on Serbia’s failure to comply with gas unbundling rules of the Second Energy

Serbia: TPP TENT 309MW offline for 30days overhaul, second unit 348MW offline since 1may

Thermal Power Plants company Nikola Tesla entered the regular seasonal overhaul process. Two units will be offline for regular maintenance of boiler and pipeline maintenance until 1.6.2014

Serbia: GazpromNeft NIS Oil company marks 74MEUR profit 1Q/2014

According to the unaudited consolidated financial statements, GazpromNeft NIS net profit amounted to 8.6 billion RSD (74MEUR) following the results of the first quarter 2014.