Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 15/2014

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Serbia: Key modernization and overhaul projects in EPS power gen facilities, the report

Power utility company EPS after the approval on investment and financing plan for overhaul season in 2014, obtained from Gov of Serbia, is starting its overhaul season with minor delays.

Serbia: Changes in Power utility holding EPS, new Articles of association of EPS, New founding acts of linked companies soon

New Articles of Association of PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia“ came into force on 4th March. In accordance with the Articles of Association, amendments to the founding acts of subsidiaries

Serbia: Construction possibilities of gas power plants in Serbia, Gas power plant as replacement capacity

The advantage of gas power plants using is reflected in lower primary energy consumption, as well as in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Comparative analysis of potential sites is necessary in

Serbia exclusive: EPS electricity trading report: Successful winter season in electricity trade, Trade brought 8.5 million EUR

At the free market, PE EPS bought less than planned, and sold 384 million kWh although the sale was not planned at all. In wholesale electricity trade PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” made

Serbia: Power utility co EPS marks records in electricity and production, financial result increases stability of the company

Last year was very successful for “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” in terms of production and finance. The record of 37.4 billion kWh was reached. We could not have imagined such production

Serbia: From the Supervisory Board Meeting of Power utility EPS, Financing follows the production, the report

It is expected that the whole system of EPS will achieve the profit of about 19 billion dinars in the consolidated financial report – It has been established that the disparity of the procedures for

Serbia: Thermal power plants exceeded the plan in march, Electricity production and sale to final customers, the report

For 19 days of March coal TPPs produced about 1.5 billion kWh, which is by 5.1 % more than planned. To remind, in January the sale of electricity to final customers was by about 9 % less than

Serbia: We cant control South Stream issues, says Vucic Serbian PM

Serbia will protect their interests, although we are not the most important link and we cannot decide on the most important issues regarding the “South Stream” project, says Aleksandar Vucic future PM of Gov of Serbia.

Serbia: GazpromNeft oil company NIS conquering regional oil trade market

Oil experts believe that refineries in Croatia Sisak and Bosnia Bosanski Brod could be closed, considering to the fact that the modernized refineries in Croatia Rijeka (INA MOL) and  Serbia

Serbia: Gov is expecting profit share from GazpromNeft NIS Oil Co

The profit of NIS is large enough that it can be shared also as a dividend, so that the Government of Serbia as a shareholder expects an important part of the profit to be  shared in that way. This was stated by Minister of Energy Mrs. Zorana Mihajlovic.

Serbia: EPS, Temporary continuation of the reserve supply

Government of the Republic of Serbia gave its consent on 3rd March that the company   “EPS Supply” continues with reserve supply of the final customers who haven’t chosen a supplier

Serbia: Energy Minister Mihajlovic: “South Stream” project is to be continued

Serbian Minister of Energy,  Mrs.  Zorana Mihajlovic said that the energy sector this year should be marked by investments and reforms of public enterprises, while in the gas sector she expects

Serbia: Overhauls TPP Kostolac project, Disassembly of boiler and electrical filters as planned, status report

Thermal power plant “Kostolac B” is a great work site, where are more than 600 workers, contractors, and most representatives of Chinese company CMEC and their subcontractors from

Serbia: HPP”Djerdap 1″ produced 8,5 percent more electricity than planned in 2014

Hydropower plant “Djerdap 1″ delivered to the Electric Power Industry of Serbia in the first quarter of this year 1.30064 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, or 8.5 percent more than planned for that

Serbia: Power utility co EPS prepares to become joint-stock company

In order to support the interests of shareholders in future Shareholders Assembly of EPS, the Association of Shareholders should gather at least 10 percent of the shareholders.