Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 3/2014

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Serbia: EPS Supply nominated as reserve supplier on electricity market

By Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia of 25 December 2013, the company “EPS Supply,” part of the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, was selected for the reserve supplier of electricity on the open market from 1 January 2014.

Serbia: Ambitous energy investment plan, JV and PPP with foreign

partners in new TPP and HPP, the report

Electric Power Industry starts with the construction of new generating capacities and opening and expanding mines. Jobs: third block of TPP “Kostolac”, “Djerdap 3″, modernization of “Drmno”, transmission network…

Serbia: State introduces fees for boosting production of electricity from RES in 2014

The Serbian government adopted a Regulation that determines amount of special fee, incentive for the production of electricity from renewable sources of energy,

Serbia: Power utility company on the stock market, the value of EPS shares after operating data

Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange Gordana Dostanic explained that the value of shares of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia will be known after observing data on company business from the previous year and its capital, as well as the number of people who will get them.

Serbia: State will not privatize energy company, There is no selling of EPS says Energy Minister Mihajlovic

Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic stressed that there is no reason for “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” to be privatized: Possible partnerships for investment.

Serbia: TPP Kostolac, with revitalizations and investments to the full power of TPP units

Production of electricity in Kostolac power plants is carried out according to the plans in December, but the annual production plan will be a few percent lower than expected

Serbia: Exclusive interview with Aleksandar Obradovic, Director of the “Serbia Power Utility Company”, Financial and production stabilization in 2014

EPS will not record a loss in the 2013th and it is very important, the result is repaired for even 200 MEUR in relation to the planned financial transactions.

Serbia: China energy corporation CNEEC target energy projects in region from Serbia

The Chinese electrical power corporation Sinomach-CNEEC-CNEETC has opened its European office in Ub, Serbia. China is interested in large energy projects in Serbia, the power plant Kolubara B, coal mine Radljevo, power plant Djerdap 3 and small hydroelectric power plants.

Serbia: TPP TENT investmetn cycle plans 2014, Milan Petkovic, deputy director of the Company “TENT”, More investments in 2014.

Last overhaul season was marked by funds shortage. – Administrative procedures slow down many businesses. – Big projects for environmental protection start.

Serbia: EPS will remain with top market share, Dr Aca Markovic, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PE EPS

EPS will certainly be dominant in the open market, at medium voltage, in 2014. – Our basic premise is coal and electricity production to secure supply.

Serbia: Reservoir Capital hopes for permits for its HPPs Brodarevo project

The longer than expected timelines for approvals in Serbia and uncertainties around the Bilateral Agreement on renewable energy exports between Serbia and Italy have meant that the Company has been unable to advance its negotiations for project finance in a timely fashion.

Serbia: Exclusive power market report 2014, DSO prices and market shares

Serbia Energy Business Intelligence desk presents latest power market report on electricity market start up for middle level voltage industrial consumers.


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