Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 5/2014

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Serbia: EU – Serbia & “South Stream”, analysis of the current Srb position, the report

Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov says that the “Third energy package of EU law is “yoke around the neck “of the European energy industry.

Serbia: Environmental projects in TPPs, the projects overview with analysis,

Facilities for desulphurization, denitrification and electrostatic precipitators of high-efficiency, facilities for wastewater purification and new, better solutions of ash transport and disposal are installed in thermal power plants, both new and those in the process of revitalization.

Serbia: Eco-Activities of the biggest coal producer in Serbia

With constant effort to maintain the level of coal production, management of MB “Kolubara”, the largest coal producer in the country, works intensively on the project implementation of for the environment improvement.

Serbia mining: The richest goldfield in the world in east Serbia, US-Canada investment project

Counting gross value of copper and gold, according the price at the metal exchange, it appears that wealth worth nearly 18 billion dollars is hidden around Bor.

Serbia: Wind park developers pressing Gov to enable purchase agreements and new wind mw cap, the report

Wind farms projects, worth more than a billion EUR, will stimulate the local construction industry, assess in the Serbian Wind Energy Association (SEWEA).

Serbia: Swiss to build a wind farm in Serbia

WP Energy Systems announced for May start of works on Vrska Cuka. In May of this year, works on the construction of a wind farm on Vrska Cuka in Zajecar will begin, in which the Swiss company WP Energy Systems is investing 70 million euros.

Serbia exclusive: Power utility company EPS establishes electricity trading company in Slovenia EU

The Supervisory Board of the “Serbia Power Utility Company” made decision on establishment of enterprise in Slovenia “EPS Trading”.

Serbia: EPS Mining basin Kolubara, coal quality improvement project financed by EBRD and Kfw

The largest investment in environmental protection in PE EPS over the last few decades is the realization of the first “Green project” entitled “Environmental protection improvement at the Kolubara coal basin “.

Serbia: Power bills crisis, Analysis of bills for electricity and gas

The first meeting of the working group that examines the causes of increased electricity bills and gas was held.


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