Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 9/2014

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Serbia:Energy Community criticizes Serbian energy minister, gas market influenced by Russia factor

European Energy Community Secretariat evaluated that Serbia failed to fulfill its obligations from this community regulation about the ownership unbundling at the natural gas market.

Serbia: Potential bidders for the construction of desulphurization plant visited TENT A, Bids submission by 19th May

Representatives of five companies (Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD, Mitsubishi- Hitachi consortium, FisiaBabcock, Alstom Power and Andriz Energy),

Serbia: Wholesale electricity market, households choose electricity supplier from 1st July

Draft Law on Energy predicts that from 1st July of this year or no later than the date of the new law entry into force, citizens will be able to choose their electricity supplier

Serbia: CMEK China and “Exim” bank representatives in Kostolac, Soon proposal on the loan agreement

A delegation of Chinese company CMEK and “Exim” Bankhave visited Kostolac, where it has been taken discussions with the negotiating team of Subsidiary “Thermal Power Plants

Serbia: The Chinese prepare projects for the second phase of Kostolac

The negotiating team of Thermal Power Plants and Mines (Te-Ko) of “Kostolac” met today with a delegation of Chinese companies CMEK

Serbia: TPP Kostolac, Overhaul season begins in March

Record electricity production, which was achieved last year in Kostolac Thermal power plants were influenced by well done repairs and modernization-overhaul cycle

Serbia: CMEC China starts works on revitalization of unit B1 TPP Kostolac

The revitalization of unit B1 started in the Thermal power plants “Kostolac B”, which will be financed from Chinese loan. On this occasion, prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic, minister of energy, development and environment protection

Serbia: Power utility company, The new statute of PE EPS comes into force

New Statute of the Public Enterprise “Serbia Power Utility Company” came into force today. In accordance with the Statute have been prepared amendments

Serbia exclusive: EPS & Edison JV new TPP Kolubara B project, when will it start?

Serbia power utility company EPS and Italy Edison have a strategic MoU and preliminary cooperation agreement on joint venture for new Kolubara B

Serbia: How real is the Serbian-regional SEE spot exchange?

Idea of regional power exchange has a history in the South East Europe. Slovenian BSP Southpool tried to connect Balkans electricity actors

Serbia: New lignite coal mine important for the future of power system says Energy Minister

Minister of Energy, Development and Environment Protection, Prof. Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic visited the Office for the Coordination of activities related to open pit mine “Radljevo”

Serbia: TPP Kostolac, 112MUSD overhaul starts

Revitalization works of thermal power unit B1in TPP “Kostolac” starts and will last until 30th November. Repair costs 112 million dollars

Serbia:Temporary continuation of backup supply

The Serbian government has given approval at today’s meeting that Subsidiary “EPS Supply” continues with backup supply of end customers who have not chosen a supplier, and to whom backup supply stops on 1st March.

Serbia: A new record of TENTA, Connected for 40 days without a break

Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A” registered another record in its extremely rich production history.

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