Serbia: Environmental aspects of wind power generation

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The role of renewable energy in electricity generation is becoming increasingly important in the strategic documents of Serbia, while also gaining prominence in wider public circles. Amendments to the Planning and Construction Law in 2009 created the legal conditions making it is possible to build and operate wind farms.

The main reason for the application of wind farms lies in the fact that they generate electricity from renewable sources – wind. This generation produces no carbon – dioxide emissions. As the new form of electricity generation technology it comprises individual generating units.

Environmental impacts of wind farms are reduced to the problems of wildlife endangerment and noise created by generator operation. Transformers inside generators have been modernized, they are of the so-called dry type, and do not contain any oil. Few technical units containing lubricants and other substances are properly protected and isolated.

Since the individual wind turbine blades may have a radius of more than 120 meters, they can pose danger to birds and bats. The Republic of Serbia has ratified several international conventions on the protection of flora and fauna, while all species of bats and the vast majority of birds are protected by law.

Fauna surveys inside a particular area are the basic approach used for inventorying, determining the structure of biological communities, habitat preferences of individual species, as well to determine their population and conservation status.

In order to optimize this investment, it is necessary to apply compromise solutions based on the alignment of complex parameters obtained on the basis of investigations and existing software tools, transmits

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