Serbia: EPS and EPS Distribucija officially separated

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EPS Distribucija ceased to be part of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS system. EPS transferred its entire founding and ownership share in the distribution system operator EPS Distribucija to the state and at the same time, the operator changed its name to Elektrodistribucija Srbije.

Apart from the distribution, EPS continues to engage in its core business of electricity production and electricity supply to residential and commercial consumers in Serbia. In accordance with legal obligations, electricity distribution from the transmission system to end users, construction and maintenance of the distribution network, including metering devices, network connections and meter readings, as well as power outages, lie entirely within the responsibility of the distribution system operator Elektrodistribucija Srbije.

Through the transfer of shares, EPS fulfilled its obligations from the Government’s report on the necessity of harmonizing the operations of the distribution system operator with the Law on Public Enterprises and the Law on Energy, as well as the restructuring of EPS.