Serbia: EPS board of directors status report, power gen facilities and power sales

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The higher power consumption  is also expected with cold weather. – Board of Directors made ​​the decision to establish the unique requirements for the practice of Subsdiary Company for electricity distribution in damages process resulting from unauthorized electricity downloading

For nine months of the year flow hydropower plants in the system

“Serbia Power Utility Company” produced a billion kilowatt-hours more than in the same period last year, and only during October production from these facilities increased by 82 million kWh – said Dragan Vlaisavljevic, Director of EPS Directorate for electricity trading in the metting of the PE EPS Board of Directors held on 31st October.

At the meeting chaired by dr Aca Markovic, president of EPS B of D and attended by Dejan Trifunovic, Deputy Minister of Energy, Development and the Environment Protection, it was pointed out that there was enough water in the reservoirs and coal supplies on the landfills, and that the higher power consumption was expected only with the cold weater. Vlaisavljevic pointed out that it was expected very good situation on coal ladfills in thermal power plants in the beginning of December, as well as in the reservoirs. He added that the preparation for the winter was at a high level and the problems were not expected.

Zoran Bozovic, Director of EPS Directorate for the energy production, announced details of the completed repairs in the production facilities. He pointed out that all the facilities for cities heating were prepared, and that just the heating plant in Novi Sad has been waiting in order to gave directive for ТЕ-ТО “Novi Sad” activation. Bozovic said that the supply of spare parts for open pit mines was burning issue, and it was very important to solve the problems in the auxiliary machinery in MB “Kolubara”.

–EPS management and Ministry of Energy have been informed about all, but it is necessary to adopt Business Plan Reblance for 2013th as soon as possible – Bozovic said. – One of the problems is long waiting to resolve the complaints with the Commission for Protection of Bidders’ Rights, which further complicates the procurement procedures.

Zeljko Markovic, Director of EPS Directorate for electricity distribution, presented the eight-month implementation of maintenance plans of power facilities in the Subsdiary Company for distribution. Members of EPS B of D adopted the decision on the temporary financing extension of SC “EPS Supply” until the adoption of Annual Business Program for the 2013th. EPS B of D decided that the small hydropower plant “Prvonek” in Vrnjacka Banja, of 910 kilowatts, should be switched to non-financial stake in the companies  “EPS Renewable Sources”. Upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment Protection, Board of Directors has made a decision to establish uniform requirements for practice of SC for electricity distribution in the damages process resulting from unauthorized electricity downloading according the accounts prepared on the minutes basis of the unauthorized downloaded electricity.

EPS B of D approved a decision on the contractual agreement conclusion for the second phase of the ” Kostolac B” project on 5th November, which envisages the construction of a new unit B3 of 350 MW and capacity expansion of mine ” Drmno ” from nine to 12 million tons of coal annually . The total value of this investment is 715.6 million dollars , a new unit should be online in late 2019th. Agreement is related to the Agreement implementation on economic and technical cooperation in the field of infrastructure between the Government of the People ‘s Republic of China and the Government of Serbia . The annual business plans of EPS  and SCs for 2014th was  approved at the meeting held on 20th November, and also was approved the information on Feasibility study of  the third unit construction in TPP “Kostolac B ” , which was done by ” Energoprojekt- Entel “.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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