Serbia: EPS claims that recent electricity price increase is still under actual need

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Despite the recent increase of electricity prices, market prices in Serbia are still under market prices, claim in EPS. There is no reason that other products rises in prices because of electricity, say experts. From last week electricity in Serbia is expensive for 10 9 percent for the households and 12, 8 percent for the economy. In EPS say that after increasing electricity price in Serbia will be much lower than markets’.

Although the electricity price was not change for more than two years, citizens do not have so much comprehension for increasing.

Average month bill for spent electricity is about 30 EUR. After rise in prices it will be increased for less than 3, 5 EUR.

Also after increasing electricity price is less than markets’, and does not even cover inflation
growing, say in EPS.

Director of “EPS Supply”, Dejan Vasic, reminds that for the most endangered people was introduced category of “energy protected buyer”, which provide to them defined amount of free electricity.

“Increasing was necessary because of missing money for regular current maintaining, for overhauls, for investment works that already have been started. The reason is future winter season in order to provide stability and confidential system work”, explain Vasic.

First consumer reaction is fear from chain rises in price, which often follow electricity or oil increasing.

Electricity increasing cannot be excuse to anyone for rise in prices because at the end they have experts that calculate, etc. For two years EPS did not change prices, but everything were increased every time when we went to the shop.

Until now, EPS business was more social than market. That approach, needs to be changed in order that company stays competitive in whole region and exits from financial crisis.

It is necessary, within announced reorganization, to arrange EPS business in order to be ready for the electricity market opening in 2015.


Source: Serbia Energy