Serbia: EPS completes overhaul on Vlasina HPP

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Workers of “Vlasina HPP” have completed overhaul of the so-called second row on four of the five aggregates. Before the schedule expiration of planning and preventative maintenance, aggregations no. 3 and 4 in HPP “Vrla 1”, aggregate no. 2 in HPP “Vrla 2” and aggregate no. 1 in HPP “Vrla 4” were successfully repaired and prepared for safe and reliable work  during the coming winter. In this way, three days before the deadline, they put them at the disposal of EPS dispatchers to hire them according to the needs of the electric power system.

The aggregate repair of so-called first row, that is, of the aggregates no. 1 and 2 in HPP “Vrla” 1, aggregate no. 1 in HPP “Vrla 2”, aggregate no. 2 in HPP “Vrla 3” and aggregate no. 1 in HPP “Vrla 4” were completed on schedule on 17th October and since then generate electricity according to the needs EPS electric power system.

According Milorad Jovanovic, deputy director of the oldest member of the EC ” HPP Djerdap ” for maintenance ,only remain finishing overhauls on the aggregate  no. 1 in HPP “Vrla 3”, which will be certainly completed by 1st November.  Then it is clear that HPP ” Vlasina” its 58th birthday, on 6th November, will meet fully operatively prepared. Available EPS dispatcher will be 10 aggregates in four “Vrla ” and two aggreagtes on PAP” Lisina ‘, whose overhaul was performed during the summer months. It is particularly important that the winter is greeted with nearly 180 million kilowatt – hours of peak energy accumulated in Vlasina Lake.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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