Serbia: EPS Distribution balances the costs in all regions and for all customers

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Unique “EPS Distribution” will ensure balanced development of all regions of Serbia, which has not been the case so far.

The formation of a single distribution system operator, the company “EPS Distribution”, will bring a number of advantages, for both the system of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” and the users of the distribution system, stated Zoran Rajovic, Executive Director for Technical Affairs of electricity distribution and distribution system management in Power utility EPS Group.

Rajovic out that the functioning of the single distribution system operator contributes to the reduction of costs through centralization of certain functions such as procurement, planning large investments, reducing administration…

What are the additional advantages of a single distribution system operator?

Funds from savings and any profit will be invested where they are most needed and thus we establish the possibility of targeted financial intervention under the EPS. Unique company “EPS Distribution” will also ensure more balanced development of all regions of Serbia, which has not been the case so far. The market business creates conditions to the make the distribution system more transparent and neutral towards all participants in the electricity market. Then everyone will have the opportunity to opt for a supplier according only to what it offers, without affecting distribution. More specifically, the fee shall be the same for all. They create the conditions for unique terms for connection of users to the distribution system, especially producers of electricity. The work of a single DSO also creates conditions for incomparably faster assistance among individual regions of the country in some special circumstances.

What are other most important jobs of functions distribution system within the EPS?

One of the most important tasks will be gradual automation of distribution network and the creation of a basic prerequisite that all consumers in the country are fueled by electricity under the same conditions. That means reducing the number and length of interruptions, improving voltage conditions, reducing the time of intervention… By achieving automation of the distribution network we will create conditions that all our consumers receive the same quality of electricity, as well as the opportunity to define electricity quality in advance through the contract with the supplier. The aim is to increase the operational readiness of the distribution system, reduce losses, increase investment, stand in the way of unauthorized use of electricity, and raise the quality level of operations.

How can the processes in the former five companies for distribution be aligned considering all their differences?

We are facing procedures alignment in the treatment for each of the functions of distribution system operator. Many procedures have already been done, some are currently being amended, and some will be aggregated as of July 1st, after the formal establishment of a single distribution system operator. These are primarily procedures related to the “Electro Network of Serbia”, the Energy Agency, the Ministry of Mining and Energy… It is important to emphasize that the EPS Statute envisions that the executive director for electricity distribution and distribution system management is obliged to create conditions for a single treatment of all parts of the distribution system operator and to perform continuous monitoring.

What do you expect from all former companies for distribution to do in the future and improve the safety of the distribution system?

One of the objectives is to avoid all the antagonisms between the former companies for electricity distribution and the advantages of establishing a single distribution system operator to be a guide for future work. I expect you to understand that we are all on the same task with the same aim, to minimize costs, give customers greater security of supply, better quality of electricity and greater mutual trust. , transmits

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