Serbia: EPS got 15 locations on the contest of Ministry of Energy, preparation is investment key

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Set a deadline of six months from the memorandum signing by which EPS should provide the necessary documents for obtaining energy permits or approvals. – Time for the technical documentation preparation is extremely short

At the recently completed public call for 317 locations for the small hydropower plants construction, published by the Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment, “Serbia Power Utility Company” submitted applications for 45 locations, of which the Commission for evaluating the submitted applications value proposed signing of the tripartite Memorandum of understanding for 15 locations. Memorandum between the Ministry, EPS and the municipalities was signed on 22nd and 23rd July, and on EPS behalf the memorandum signed Milos Stojanovic, EPS Director of EPS Directorate for strategy and investments. These are the locations for small HPPs : Sokolovac, Bovan, Karadze , Svodje , Staro Selo, Lajkovica , Seljasnica , Beloljin , Ravni , Djedovac , Lazin Breg, Masovici and Tigar, and for two sites – Mala Vrla 1 and Jezero- EPS already has documentation. According to Darko Nikolic , lead engineer for the planning of HPP development from EPS Directorate  for strategy and investments, was defined the time limit of six months from the day of memorandum signing  during which EPS should provide the necessary documents for obtaining energy permits or approvals . Of the technical documentation must be submitted the General Project with Preliminary Feasibility Study.

– Time for the technical documentation preparation is extremely short, and it is necessary to do13 general projects with a previous feasibility study, as it has been already done for small HPPs “Mala Vrla 1” and “Jezero”. The management of PC EPS has decided that the development projects for acquired locations took place in two stages. The first phase involves the analysis of the utilization possibility of streams hydro potential for small HPPs on locations that were assigned to EPS – Nikolic said.

This analysis should be done from the viewpoint of possible technical solutions and opportunities to resolve property- legal rights on land, and in order to provide the necessary foundations for the technical documentation development for individual small HPPs. By this the more time will be got , and therefore  also will be saved , as in the second phase will be developed technical documentation for those sites for which the first phase would showed that they are  realistic and feasible .Our source says that in the second phase should be done the General project with Preliminary feasibility study, namely one of the basic documents for obtaining energy permit.

Elaboration of all varieties

In the second phase, follows selection of the optimal technical solution chosen for the construction of small hydropower plants. According to our source, it is necessary to develop variants to the general project level and to suggest the best solution on the basis of technical and economic parameters.

Signed memorandums

Tripartite memorandum of understanding with representatives of municipalities Ivanjica and Arilje and investors, who on the public call got locations for the construction of small hydropower plants in Serbia, was signed on 22nd and 23rd July. In Ivanjica were signed memorandums with 28 potential investors for the construction of 49 small hydro power plants on the municipality territory. In Arilje nine investors signed a memorandum, and construction of 11 small HPPs has been predicted.

Source; EPS Kwh

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