Serbia: EPS granted Voith hydro 63MEUR modernization project on Zvornik HPP, the project insight

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Aleksandar Obradovic, o.i.c. of general director of “Serbia Power Utility Company”, Miodrag Citakovic, director of Economy Company “Drinsko- Limska hydro power plant” and Leopold Heninger, president of director board of company “Voith hydro”, signed contract, worth 63, 7 million Euros, for the rehabilitation of hydro power plant “Zvornik”.

–”Zvornik” is one of the oldest hydro power plant, works from 1955. and for long time it has been waiting on modernization, and this HPP juvenescence is very important for the energy system – said Obradovic. – After revitalization, “Zvornik” power will be increased for even 30 percent in regard to the current 96 megawatts. Power of each of four aggregates will be increased for 8, 4 megawatts, from 24 to 32, 4 megawatts. After completion of modernization, “Zvornik” will get new 33, 6 megawatts, which is more like it was input new, fifth aggregate.

Obradovic pointed out that electricity production of this HPP would be larger for even 70 million kilowatt – hours per year and that would achieve 550 million kilowatt – hours. The most important is that “Zvornik” working life will be extended for additional 30 years, and utility and efficiency level will be increase by construction of completely new electro and mechanical equipment.

Procedure of constructor choice will be passing in charge of German development bank KfW, which finances this project with 70 million Euros, and “Voith hydro”, company known for projecting and performance operations in hydro power plants, was chosen as best and most adequate  bidder.

–I am very proud and happy that our company got this job, especially because two “Voith” aggregates work for almost 60 years within HPP “Zvornik”– said Leopold Heninger, president of director board of company “Voith hydro”. – It is important that in realization of revitalization works of this HPP, our partners from Serbia also take part and with this contract “Voith hydro” will continue successful cooperation with EPS.

Miodrag Citakovic, director of EC “Drinsko- Limska HPP”, reminded that this was fourth revitalization in this EC in the last 10 years, and that besides power and production increase, HPP “Zvornik” modernization also will influence on reducing of maintaining costs of this HPP.

Source: Serbia Energy Magazine