Serbia, EPS has signed the first agreement with a commercial prosumer

, SEE Energy News

State-owned power utility EPS has signed the first agreement with a commercial prosumer, which is the first example of a buyer also becoming a producer of electricity from renewable sources.

Namely, on 30 March, EPS has signed an agreement on electricity supply with the company Gruner Serbian from Vlasotince, with a net calculation for the period between 1 April 2022 and 31 December 2023.

Gruner Serbian, which produces equipment for electricity distribution, has built a solar power plant on the roof of its production facility, with an installed capacity of 500 kW. By connecting that solar power plant, the prosumer will use the produced electricity for its own consumption and deliver the surplus to the national electricity system. This will considerably reduce electricity bills for the company, since it was buying electricity on the free market.

EPS has also signed agreements with households, which have filed requests for the signing of the agreements on the supply with net measuring. The next step is the connection of the production facilities to national electricity network, which is the obligation of the operator of the distribution system, within five days from the signing of the agreement. After the connection is made, the operator of the distribution system registers the end-buyer in the Register of Prosumers, which thereby acquires the status of a prosumer.