Serbia: EPS holds 97.25 % of the electricity market

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Acting Director of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Milorad Grcic said that the company supplies 97.25 % of electricity in Serbia, while the remaining 2.75 % is held be other 65 suppliers on the market.

According to Serbian media, EPS has succeeded to retrieve 104 large and medium industrial consumers it lost in 2016, after it was found that some of its officials have illegally increased the price of electricity EPS offered to these customers in order to make room for independent suppliers to offer lower prices. The epilogue of the affair was that 15 officials were dismissed, the company lost about 200 large and medium industrial consumers and, allegedly, about 20 million euros in possible profit.

Grcic said that EPS participated in a total of 1,695 electricity supply tenders organized by industrial consumers and public institutions in 2017, of which it won 1660, which is 97.9 %. Therefore, the company’s market share increased to 97.25 %.