Serbia: EPS imported electricity worth 5 MEUR

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Acting Director of EPS Aleksandar Obradovic said that the value of electricity import during the current floods in Serbia amounted to about five MEUR.

Obradovic said that they still did the analysis, but that the first estimates showed that the value was around five MEUR, pointing out that EPS also before the flood had normal activities of electricity import and export.
– EPS did not cancel any contract and during the flood has exported according to plan – said Obradovic, who today has attended the commissioning of Thermal Power Plant Nikola Tesla A in Obrenovac.
Obradovic explained that the increased electricity import during flood still was within the relevant EPS business plan, but added that the import would have been much less if they had not happened.
The value of the increased electricity import due to flooding would enter into the entire balance of damages that EPS system had suffered because of them, Obradovic said.
He said that EPS would make a new business plan in which different scenarios would be prepared, but for now, none of these scenarios provided the power cuts, but he stressed, all depend on the lifting of coal production in Kolubara.

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