Serbia, EPS is no longer dependent on electricity imports

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Acting Director of Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Miroslav Tomasevic said that the company is no longer dependent on electricity imports and is able to cover domestic demand with its own production.

Tomasevic said that coal production is stable and according to plan, adding that Serbia currently produces between 90 and 95 thousand tons of coal per day at Kolubara and Drmno mines. Coal stocks are 5.4 % above plan and thermal power plants TENT A and B have around a million tons of coal in stock.

He added that Serbia currently has the lowest price of electricity on the free market and believes that such trend will continue in the future.

Tomasevic said that, at the moment, EPS produces 70 % of electricity from coal and 30 % from hydro power, while electricity imports are negligible. For example, on 26 January, domestic consumption was 117 GWh, electricity imports amounted to 3.7 GWh, while exports amounted to 8.8 GWh.

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