Serbia: EPS is ready to compete with power market actors says EPS Board Chairman

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The opening of the electricity market brings big changes to Serbia Power Utility Company EPS, especially as at the same time form the public company status should go into a joint stock company, which will operate under other regulations, which will have different goals.

“The role of the public company was to produce goods and services at affordable prices. This is the task set by the owner, state and local governments “, said Aca Markovic, Chairman of the EPS Supervisory Board , adding that the EPS has lost almost all the characteristics of a public company except the buyers supply of public interest. “EPS goes into a joint stock company, which will allow a more comfortable position in the market”, he said.

Serbia Power Utility Company already is at the level of the European Union by the capacity reliability in the thermal sector, what enables the company to meet the consumption growth in production, which last year totaled more than 37 billion kilowatt hours.

According to Markovic, if from 2002nd until 2012th, with an output of 372 billion kilowatt hours, EPS had been selling electricity at an average price , that was in force in the former SFRJ republics, it would have higher revenue for five billion EUR.

“EPS has gone out on the market and we can no longer use the state as an excuse. The state no longer determines the electricity price. Changes are inevitable. If we do not execute it, someone else will do it, and we will not participate in it. Market means uncertainty, rewards the brave and punishes the weak. I hope that we are brave”, says Markovic, adding that this company exported three billion kilowatt hours of electricity in the region last year, and that during the first quarter of this year has exported 605 GWh.

Source; Serbia Energy