Serbia: EPS Managing board meeting report, six-month record production allows electricity sales to regional power clients

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Hydroelectric power plants produced 26 percent more than planned. – Repairs are brought to an end. “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” for the six months of this year produced about 19 billion kilowatt-hours and reached record production for this period. This was achieved thanks to the excellent hydrology and extraordinary employees’ commitment, and in spite of great difficulties with the public procurements, for which repairs have been moved.

If does not come to significant changes in the hydrological conditions, it is realistic to expect that the record electricity production will mark this whole year.

This is concluded on the extended session of the Managing Board of PC EPS, which was chaired by dr Aca Marković, president of MB, and in whose work also participated Dejan Trifunović, assistant minister in the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment and Životije Jovanović, deputy of general director of PC EPS. It was explained that the difficulties with the public procurements forced producers to “thicken” repairs that are practically brought to an end in thermal power plants, that is, as in its opening remarks said Zoran Božović, EPS director for the energy production, should be completed to the end of August. However, because of the bearings lack, for example, and exactly to everyone, because bidders bring down all tenders, Trifunović proposed, and the Managing Board agreed to address the EPS relevant ministry and to find a solution for this situation, which Milan Đorđević, president of the EPS Union, described as opportunity created by law that with tender blockades endangered the entire operation of a production system.

Božović said that the overhauls in the hydropower plants would be complete in september, as usual, and pointed out that in the revitalization of HPP “Bajina Bašta” on the fourth aggregate all was mounted, so that testing could begin in mid-july and test run in mid-august. On the “Đerdap 1”, the fourth aggregate also will be able to go in trial operation in mid-august, as contracted. Speaking about the overhaul activities on open mines, Božović said that in “Kolubara”, unfortunately, there was an accident in which two employees of “Kolubara Metal were injured “, one of whom succumbed to the injuries. He also said that in the landfill part on the “Field D” , regardless of the repair activities, started a landslide on a large area, for which it was evacuated 11 houses.

Report consideration on the progress of repair activities in the EPS electricity distribution sector, of which informed mr Željko Marković, director of Distribution Directorate, was rounded by the suggestion to review way of planning in some companies, because the excellent achievements percentage of 106.1 percent was achieved thanks to “Elektrovojvodina”, which has done 2.5 times more than planned for five months in this year. Also, according to the percentage of spent resources in all PC, except “Elektrovojvodina”, it was more interventional than preventive maintenance.

The largest part of session was, however, marked by reports of the Directorate for electricity trade and exposure of Miladin Basarić, assistant director in this Directorate, who first reported the data on the execution of Electric Power portfolio for six months and plans for july.
Basarić pointed out that the electricity production for six months was 5.6 percent higher than planned, and sales (consumption) for 3.3 lower than that. He also said that the hydropower plants provided for 26 percent more energy than planned to system and that, thanks to such movements, EPS at the free market in this period placed more than 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours to other suppliers, worth about 67 million. For july it is expected to continue increased production from hydropower and coal production higher than planned, so that EPS has plan to  place electricity surpluses to other suppliers also this month.

Source;EPS/Serbia Energy