Serbia EPS modernizes its distribution system with network upgrade and metering equipment

4. February 2012. / Uncategorized

Serbia Energy brings two latest report digest on distribution network modernization cycle in Electric power of Serbia. One is related to distribution network upgrade and second on metering equipment procurement project.

EPS ( Electric power of Serbia ) Distribution network development project status

Development of electricity distribution network is planned in accordance with the anticipated consumption growth and the needs for more efficient operation of electricity distribution network and reduction of losses. Studies of perspective network development 110. 35 and 10 kV developed for the demand area of all corporate enterprises for electricity distribution de ne priorities and development directions.

It is necessary to construct missing substations and power lines with voltage level 110 and 35 kV. The reconstruction is planned, as well as modernization of the existing sub-station, including replacement of outdated electrical equipment, capacity increase but also modernization of all facility modernization with introduction of automation. The main objective of these activities is reliable level of increase as well as efficiency through the reduction losses.

Total value of funds for necessary constructions and reconstructions of electricity distribution network is EUR 260 million.

The project is implementing in continuity.



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