Serbia: EPS “Morava”TPP overhaul, environment modernization ECP

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This year overhaul activities, include the construction of a new unit electrostatic precipitator, for which EU has provided funds amounting to five million EUR.

The second phase of capital overhaul is currantly in progress in the “Morava” TPP in Svilajnac. Working activities on the unit initiated in the beginning of March, and should be completed by the end of August.

– This year overhaul activities implement within planned dynamics for now. Polish company “Rafako” got the job on working activities, while the subcontractors are mainly local companies. One of the most important procedures, in addition to the second phase of the boiler furnace membranisation, refers to the new electrostatic precipitator installation, for which EU has provided funds amounting to five million EUR, – said Marija Stevanovic, director of the “Morava” TPP.

As expected, it will enable to thermal power plant of EPS’s branch, TENT, to operate in the future in cpmpliance with European environmental standards and, very importantly, to reduce the negative environmental impact of its operations.

PE “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” – TENT branch, in recent years has invested about 100 million EUR in the ecological modernization of its facilities. Modern electrostatic precipitators were installed on all six units in TENT A, on both units in TENT B, and on unit A5 in “Kolubara” thermal power plant in Veliki Crljeni. This complex task will be successfully solved in the “Morava” thermal power plant with the overhaul completion. Capital ovehaul of unit in the “Morava”TPP, power – 125 megawatts, is planned to be implemented within two phases. The first phase was implemented last year, while the second is in full swing these days. Last year, around 10 million EUR has been invested in the overhaul activities, and for this reason, another 20 million EUR will be added. As expected in EPS, it will enable for the thermal power plant “Morava” to provide a stable, safe and environmentally friendly operations, while to the population of Pomoravlje, would make secure existence, and cleaner and healthier living environment, transmits

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