Serbia: EPS is planning to build wind farm and solar power plant

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Speaking at the conference on the occasion of the Earth Day, Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said that currently Serbia has over 21 % share of energy from renewable sources, and it should reach the target of 27 % by 2020.

Minister Antic reminded that in recent years Serbia has built renewable energy production facilities with the total power output of 63 MW, and in 2015, first wind farm was built in Serbia, which testifies to encourage further construction of such facilities. He recalled that Serbian citizens are paying so-called green fee for renewable energy through their electricity bills, in the amount of 0.00073 euros/kWh or about 0.4 euros per month on average.

Minister Antic pointed out that the development of new projects in renewable energy is planned, in which both private and public sector will be included. He said that state-owned power utility EPS has planned the project for the construction of solar power plant and wind farm in Kostolac. Funds needed for this project have already been provided, while the development of project documentation is currently in progress, transmits