Serbia: EPS plans to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 90 % by 2025

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Since 2001, when the process of modernization of production capacities began, with the aim of maintaining the security of supply, increasing energy efficiency and meeting EU standards, power plants operated by the state-owned power utility EPS are in much better shape compared to 15 years ago. This is mainly a result of investing about 500 million euros in environmental protection.

Since then, the reconstruction of electro filters at all thermal power plants was carried out, which has significantly reduced the emission of particulate matter. EPS invested around 97 million euros in this reconstruction, which resulted in 2.5 times less particulate emissions in 2018 compared to 2011.
However, the majority of investments, around 650 million euros, are envisaged in the field of air quality protection, through the construction of flue gas desulfurization systems nd primary and secondary measures for the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions in thermal power plants. In doing so, EPS meets stringent EU environmental standards and lowers emissions below the limits set by domestic and European regulations. EPS already completed the construction of such facility at TPP Kostolac B, investing around 96 million euros. Test measures have shown that sulfur dioxide emissions are well below the current EU standard of 200 milligrams per cubic meter.

A project for the construction of flue gas desulfurization facility at four units of thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT A), worth 217 million euros, is currently ongoing. This is also planned for the remaining two units at TENT A, TPP Kostolac A and the third unit of TPP Kostolac B, which is currently under construction. EPS’ investments in the environment will bring about 90 % reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions by 2025, 45 % in nitrogen oxides and 95 % in particulate matter, compared to 2008-2012 levels.