Serbia: EPS power utility company imports cheap summer electricity to preserve coal reserves for winter

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Power company Elektroprivreda Srbije EPS also now imports a certain amount of electricity due to the fact that the price of kilowatt-hours on the market is cheaper during the summer months. That is the way to use less coal in order to fill coal deposits before the winter begins with and to provide more coal for electricity production in the winter.

By May 15th , namely by the declaration of emergency due to flooding, until the end of July, EPS provided 714.464 million kilowatt hours (kWh) on the open market for what was necessary to allocate 30.5 MEUR, according to EPS.

The average price is, as they specify, 4.2 eurocent per kilowatt-hour.

Asked how much electricity will Serbia miss during the coming winter and how much electricity will need to import, in EPS state that the electricity provision during the winter season will depend on how much and how fast will be stabilized coal production in “Kolubara”, as on the weather conditions during the winter.

At the same time they say that timely provide the missing amounts of electricity for the next winter.