Serbia: EPS is preparing for construction of solar and wind farm in Kostolac

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Director of Strategy at Serbian state-owned power utility EPS Aleksandar Jakovljevic said that the preparations for the construction of a solar and wind farm in Kostolac, with a combined installed capacity of 70 MW, are currently ongoing.

Jakovljevic stressed at the Kopaonik Business Forum that private investors are expected to invest significant amount of funds in the construction of facilities that produce electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) , with total installed capacity of 500 MW, most of which are wind farms, adding that renewable energy sources need to be implemented to the greatest extent possible, although RES is not an alternative, but a complement to coal in the current energy mix in Serbia, which would also make electricity production more in line with the EU regulations.

He reminded that EPS is the largest electricity producer in the country, with 98 % share in total production. The current structure of production in EPS is such that over 60 % of electricity is produced from coal and over 30 % from hydro potential.

Serbia produces on average 26 TWh of electricity from coal and additional 10 TWh in hydropower plants per year. Current energy strategy envisages that Serbia should be producing more than 4 TWh of electricity per year from RES by 2025.