Serbia: EPS Supply gets 2 large electricity consumers customers before power market liberalization starts

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Korean car manufacturers companies Jura and Shin Won representatives signed contract with Serbian power supplier the EPS Supply company by witch it was predicted to buy electricity from domestic supplier in the next year. This is the first public contract signing with the consumers before the liberalization of the medium voltage market from the 1. January 2014.

Director of “Jura” corporation, Namjin Choi, said that thay had decided for this supplier because EPS proved to be reliable partner.

Director of “EPS Supply”, Dejan Vasic, said that EPS was not only a seller, but also the biggest electricity producer with the installed capacity of 8.000 megawatts.

Vasic said that they were completely ready to fulfill all clients’ requirements and that they have started game on the market where they could guarantee reliability and quality to the consumers.

He noted that two consumers from the important consumers group had signed contracts with the others suppliers which showed that “EPS Supply” did not hold entire market and what was the announcement of the serious market competition towards bigger consumers.

Company “Jura” employees near 4.800 employers in its three factories in Raca, Nis, and Leskovac which produce electrical installations for the car industry.

“Shin Von”, factory which was opened in Nis in 2011, produces cables for the car industry, said Director Sung Min Kim.

Source; Serbia Energy


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