Serbia: EPS trading sells 240MW/43EUR on HUPX

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Electricity trading “EPS Trading”, subsidiary company of “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” founded in Slovenia has started last week the electricity trading on the Hungarian stock exchange HUPX.

After 24 years, EPS has sold the electricity at the stock market for the first time directly, without intermediaries and during trading “EPS Trading” has sold 240 megawatt-hours per today’s exchange price of 43.66 EUR per megawatt-hour for the product “europeak” (daily energy).

“EPS Trading” in Slovenia, which is a member of the European Union, strengthens the position of EPS on the regional electricity market; trading in electricity will be more effective with profit maximization and optimal utilization of production resources.

The company “EPS Trading” manages from EPS seat from Serbia and the establishment of the company in Slovenia enabled electricity trading in the European Union and therefore also the trading in the region will be highly facilitated.

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