Serbia exclusive: Energy Minister states opinion on EBRD possible cancellation of Kolubara 2 financing, Edison and EDF stand alone

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimated that projects of TPP “Kolubara B“ in Serbia should be stopped and asked EBRD not to finance projects related to coal exploitation. Could this initiative affect proceeding with works on construction of TPP “Kolubara B“ and if yes, in what way gave the Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic, along with comments on Securum OneGiga claims against Serbia. Adopting to EBRD new positions expected but also clarifications on Securum false/true claims says Minister of Energy.

We expect the final position of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on this issue. EBRD sent a letter of intent on financing, few years ago, to companies that are defined in the Framework Contract as Investors in the Project – EPS and Italian “Edison” that is the majority partner, and in the meantime, it was taken over by French EDF . Activities for this project are underway and according to our information, the Investor intends to amend the Framework Agreement to include the capacities based on biomass, with a much smaller share of coal briquettes . Since it is a commercial contract concluded earlier, we as the Ministry can not interfere in technical and other details of the contract . We assume that in the light of new elements in the development of the project,  EBRD would take an attitude in line with its strategy, particularly bearing in mind that “Edison” is the majority partner with the EBRD stated Zorana Mihajlovic in recent interview for Kolubara mines magazine.

Source; Serbia Energy

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