Serbia Exlusive; These are the new Electricity Traders in Serbia GEN-I most aggressive agrees EFT and Rudnap

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From January 1st, companies will be able to choose a power supplier, with whom they will negotiate about price. However, the price for companies will be higher than now, because the market will establish it, confirmed Dejan Trifunovic, Deputy Minister of Energy.

From the new year the electricity market opens, and the race for customers will have not only EPS but also 20 other current suppliers.

For the biggest traders currently appliy Slovenian GEN-I, whose President and CEO is Robert Golob, then EFT – Vuk Hamovic, and Rudnap – Vojin Lazarevic. Electricity, among others, will sell also Czech CEZ, Swiss “Alpik” and, of course, EPS.

Although it is normal that the free market also brings down the price of electricity, part of the electricity traders believe that EPS will try to be the cheapest.

– EPS will not be forced to sell by the subsidized price as before, but will be able to compete with traders and supply electricity at market price. That means more expensive than in the past – says for Vuk Hamović, head of EFT.

The most aggressive retailer of electricity in the region, according to Hamovic, is GEN-I from Slovenia, which is active in Croatia too.

From GEN-I they say that they already have requests for cooperation from many companies, and say that there will not be a single price for all consumers.

– This means that the price will be determined based on the period for which the contract is concluded, consumption profile, depending on whether it is day or night, working day or weekend, and the time when the contract is concluded – says GEN-I.

Vojin Lazarevic, owner of “Rudnap”, says that he believes that EPS in the new job “will not be lead by vanity, but market calculations.”

– EPS must optimize sales from a financial point of view. Simply, there are segments where the business is not profitable for them to do. They simply can always trade or part of their production, at a time when it suits them, and with what we can not compete with, and that is where there is space for the operations of all new electricity traders here – says Lazarevic.

Source; Serbia Energy

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